Thursday, 6 August 2009

Oh Blimey, it's S104 Result Day!

Greetings Folks!

Brace yourself! It's result day! Nine months of sweat and mental toil come down to this. The suspense has been killing me for the last couple of months, so without further ado, my result is . . . . .


YES!!!!! Fantastic! Never in doubt really, but there was a glimmer of a chance of a distinction leading up to the end of course assessment. However, the mark of 77% was tantalisingly 8 marks short. Curses! A shame, but when I think about the domestic turmoil that I was working through while doing the course it was pretty amazing that I was even within sniffing distance of a distinction. Living 100 miles away from half of my family, moving home and changing jobs isn't exactly conducive to serious study! But, I weathered the storm and got through it. In the end, I've got to be delighted by 85% for the coursework and 77% for the ECA.
This great result has given me loads of confidence in my ability and brain power and allows me to think about Leicester University with excitement and confidence. There are lots of obstacles (particularly financial) to overcome before that goal is realised, but at least I know I'm capable, which was the reason for doing S104 in the first place.
As a result of the pass I even get a qualification in it's own right! I now have a Certificate in Natural Sciences and may use the letters Cert NatSci (Open) after my name! I will of course be using this at every available opportunity and expect all my friends and family to use it when communicating with me from now on!

So on that triumphant note I will leave you! Rest assured, lots of bubbly stuff will be consumed in due course!
See ya soon!

Cheers, Alyn