Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Dream is Alive!

Hello again!

Anyone still there? Humble apologies, but it has been a while since my last post. Way too long. After a quite shameful return of a mere four posts in 2011, there will be more in 2012 I promise. And for a very good reason which will be explained below!

This last year has seen me devote a lot of my spare time learning to sing. Yes, really! It is something I've always wanted to do but always avoided for one simple reason - lack of confidence. In fact I outlined the background to this in a post on my 'singing blog' called 'A Nightingale Sang...' and you can read it here. This fear of public speaking has prevented me doing so much throughout my life and would be a major problem, should I ever get to fulfill my dream of studying for a degree in Geology. Presentations of a thesis, paper or whatever else? Scary!

So how on earth could I EVER manage to sing a solo in front of a hundered people? No chance mate! Well on November 19th 2011, I did just that. I had a multitude of demons to overcome along the way I almost 'bottled it', but I got through it and I have a CD recording to prove it!

The significant thing about the achievement is the massive confidence boost it has given me as a human being. Friends and family have noted the change in my personality, for the better I hasten to add. I now know that the feelings of nervousness will always be there before a concert, but I CAN overcome them. I also now feel less fearful of the prospect of having to do a presentation in front of fellow students. Which is great because....

Last week I received an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER  to study at Derby University for a BSc degree  in Geology, starting in September 2012! How great is that? The good thing about studying at Derby as opposed to the previous target of Leicester University, is that some of the credits I have already been awarded at the Open University will count towards my degree at Derby.

There is of course one major hurdle still to overcome and that is 'finance'. It is by no means cut and dried that I will get full funding to study at Derby because of a previous study back in 1978-81 at Luton College. But where there's  a will, there is a way. As an old employers favourite mantra used to state: If it's to be, it's up to me! 

So, if my previous followers of Holey Schist are still out there, look forward to more regular postings here, as I give this humble blog a bit of a revamp!

Cheers for now,