A little about me!

A little about me

Well, hello there!

I'm Alyn, a 52 years old living in the East Midlands and married to the wonderful Ruth, light of my life. She was the first woman with the foresight and intelligence to see beyond the shy, bumbling, buffoon that I always felt I was and had the patience to look for the 'real me' within. She really is a very special woman, unfeasibly gifted in her fields of education, drama, english and poetry, she has the extraordinary knack of inspiring those who come into contact with her. I'm not sure she has any real idea just how much. I love her to bits!

If you delve a little back to the first few posts to this humble blog, you'll discover my motivation for starting 'Holey Schist'. Yes, it was a particularly 'bad day', trying to cope with some of those annoying daily experiences that drive you nuts, that gave me the nudge to create the blog! But, I quickly came to realise that it's not the negative stuff that one should spend one's energies on but the exact opposite -  the good things! Why not write about the things that make one tick, set the heart racing and make one weep with joy? It's got to be a more worthwhile expenditure of time and energy surely?

So 'Holey Schist' was born and there followed occasional/regularish outpourings of some of the things that excite me. Geology and my wish to study it formally after missing out on the opportunity in my youth, fills a large proportion as does Astronomy and science in general. But in truth, it is my 'venue' to talk bout anything that stimulates me and maybe communicate with other like-minded souls who feel compelled to comment on the things I post about.

So if you like what you read, want to link blogs or even become a 'follower' by all means get in touch. I'd be honoured!

Cheers, Alyn