Thursday, 1 July 2010

Problem solved - I think!?!

Well, things seem to be working again!

As is often the way with I.T. the Blogger editor just seems to be workin again, though it was probably/possibly a 'cookie' issue or maybe some sort of conflict with a recently upgraded firewall and virus checker. At least they are two of the things I randomly tried and lo and behold, we're back on track! Hoorah!

So expect a proper blog in a day or two!

Back soon!



  1. Dear Alyn, Football month is lazy month, things fell into hiatus, now football season gone, things are back to normal, I guess, and i hope...

    Anyway VIVA Espana

  2. Yes indeed! With the distractions of the 'beautiful game' now behind us, I can get on with my studying and post a blog or two. Congrtulations to Spain by the way - put those strangely brutal Dutch in their place and are worthy World Champs! Cheers, Alyn.


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